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Dawg Haus Groomers is located in the bright, spacious basement of Green Lane Animal Hospital at 79 Green Lane, both have emerged as Thornhill's premiere pet care facility.

Dawg Haus Groomers offers a casual atmosphere in a cage free environment for our social, well behaved guests.  Our objectives include a casual, fun, respectful workplace for our co-workers and clients. We have a policy of honesty for both clients and staff. We will always treat your pets with respect and do our best to provide a low stress atmosphere. We promise NOT to "speed-groom" pet-after-pet, not giving them the care and attention they need and deserve.

We encourage you to remove any doubts and bring your pet to Dawg Haus Groomers. We invite you and your pets to take a tour of our facility and learn more about our salon and about the many ways we can benefit your pets' personality and appearance.


Maintenance Program
For owners who love their pets but have no time to bath and brush their dogs.
How it works - We will put your pet on an automatic 4 week schedule. The first groom is a full groom and hair cut from head to tail. Upon leaving we will provide you with an appointment scheduled 3 to 4 weeks later to do some maintenance work which will include, a basic brush, bath and tidy. A tidy consists of pad and feet tidy, nails, eyes and brush out with bath and blow dry. This comes at a discounted rate from the regular groom.
What are the benefits? - Well money for one. It saves money on dematting fees or unwanted shave downs. 
Your pet will always look their best and feel healthier and happier.
The program will also ensure your pet will be ready for those special holiday dates.
Your pet gains more hugs and affection, which always makes for a happier, well behaved pet. And finally, pets who come on a regular basis for grooming, learn to trust their groomer and have less overall stress than those that are not regularly groomed. That's the most important reason for regular grooming.

**Also new**

Referral Reward Program

When a new client that you referred books their first appointment, you receive a free gift as a small token of our "Thanks for your support!"

Dawg Haus Groomers                                                       Green Lane Animal Hospital

79 Green Lane                                                                                 79 Green Lane                                   
Thornhill, ON L3T 6K6                                                                      Thornhill, ON   L3T 6K6 
(905)764.3647                                                                                905.597.7373
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